12 Jan 2017: Can’t be Punjab CM, won’t leave Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal



10 Nov 2016: How introducing Rs 2000 notes will curb corruption, black money, Kejriwal questions Modi



6 Nov 2016: Delhi smog: Schools shut, construction stopped, government advises work from home



2 Nov 2016: Suicide over OROP: Delhi Police detain Arvind Kejriwal



29 Sep 2016: Arvind Kejriwal posts ‘Anti-India’ article, gets mercilessly trolled on Twitter

Meanwhile in Islamabad.

“Janaab, Delhi CM has tweeted in our favour. ”

“Yes I saw it.”

“Janaab, It seems he is very much against Modi.”

“Yes I know it.”

“Should we contact him?”

“Instead I would prefer to forget Pak sponsored terrorism and handover POK to him.”


13 Sep 2016: 4 Chikungunya Deaths In Delhi, Health Minister Away, Kejriwal Says ‘Ask PM’



9 Sep 2016: AAP Spent Rs 1 Crore Of Taxpayers’ Money On Chai Samosa In 18 Months



6 Sep 2016: Sex CD: Sacked AAP minister has admitted to sexually assaulting woman, says Delhi Police



1 Sep 2016: Delhi drowns in rush-hour downpour, roads flooded



11 Aug 2016: Arvind Kejriwal: Feeling ‘fresh n energetic’ after Vipassana



3 Sep 2016: Sidhu floats new party in Punjab, breakaway AAP group likely to join hands

Sidhu surprised AAP and floated a new party ahead of Punjab polls. This was their parting song…

AAP : हाल कैसा है जनाब का?
Sidhu : क्या खयाल है AAP का?
AAP : तुम तो मचल गये, हो हो हो
Siddu : यूँही फ़िसल गये, हा हा हा


28 July 2016: PM Modi May Try To Have Me Killed, Arvind Kejriwal Claims In Video



Nightmare on the Delhi Street

I was walking on the footpath. I noticed a vendor selling tender coconut. He had a huge knife in his hand. He must be Modi’s man waiting to kill me!!

I quickly crossed the road. A few steps ahead I noticed a tea vendor. He had a kettle full of boiling water. He must be Modi’s man waiting to throw boiling water on me!!

I was very quick on crossing the road again. There was a bamboo scaffolding erected on the side of a building. One had to walk under that scaffolding. It must have been their plan to bury me under it!!

Sensing danger, I rushed on the other side of the road and what did I see there – a butcher shop. Oh! So a plan to cut me into pieces!! I rushed back on the road. Oh no! A truck was speeding towards me. Now I realized that it was a trap to bring me on the road. I screamed.

“Are you all right?” My wife was waking me up. I was profusely sweating and trembling in bed. “You must have had a nightmare. Wait, let me switch on the fan.” I heard her saying.

I felt better in the cool breeze. I looked at the rotating ceiling fan and remembered something. I questioned my wife, “The fan was not working in the morning. Did you get it repaired?”

“Yes. I called up the electrician in the afternoon.”

“Is it?” It suddenly stuck me. It must have been Modi’s gameplan.

“Switch off the fan.” I shouted, “They would have loosened the fan bolts so that it falls on me. Switch it off.”

“Now if you don’t allow me to sleep peacefully, I’ll murder you.” My wife said sternly.

“Oh, so you are also with them. You too Brutus!!!”

– From the diary of a Delhi politician.


19 July 2016: BJP’s Navjot Sidhu Quits Rajya Sabha, Gets ‘Salute’ From Arvind Kejriwal



12 July 2016: Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani killed in J&K encounter



9 July 2016: In a first, Kerala imposes 14.5% ‘fat tax’ on junk food



29 June 2016: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal wears floral headgear in Goa

Delhi CMs flowery headgear at Goa reminded me of few classics-

Delhi janata to Goa janata-

Fool तुम्हें भेजा है ख़त में
Fool नहीं मेरा दिल है
प्रीयतम मेरे तुम भी लिखना
क्या ये तुम्हारे क़ाबिल है

Goa janata in response –

मिले न Fool तो काँटों से दोस्ती कर ली
इसी तरह से बसर हमने ज़िंदगी कर ली

Indian janata to Delhi CM –

चाँद आहें भरेगा
Fool दिल थाम लेंगे
Nautanki की बात चली
तो सब तेरा नाम लेंगे


26 June 2016: Referendum on Delhi statehood has no statutory backing: Experts



22 May 2016:

I feel pity for Delhi ex-CM Sheila Dikshit. She had no choice to blame Center for every failure.


18 May 2016:

Delhi lost the match due to Duckworth Lewis formula.

Delhi CM ordered enquiry into degrees of Mr. Duckwoth and Mr. Lewis.


10 May 2016: PM Modi’s degree is authentic, says Delhi University



9 May 2016:

Finally I found Kejriwals favourite song. It’s from 70’s film Mere Apne…Gulzar ke bol hain…Salilda ka sangeet hain…gaaya hain Kishorda aur Mukesh ne…

हाल चाल ठीक ठाक है, सब कुछ ठीक ठाक है |
B.A. kiyaa hai, M.A. किया, लगता है वो भी अय्ंवय्ं किया|
काम नहीं है वरना यहाँ आप की दुआसे सब ठीक ठाक है|


8 May 2016: Make Modi’s BA degree public: Kejriwal asks DU




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