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15 Jan 2017: Barkha Dutt quits NDTV to explore new opportunities

#BarkhaQuitsNDTV #LataDidiSong

ओ सजना, बरखा बाहर आई,
Twitts की फुहार लाई,
अँखियों मे पाक लाई,
ओ सजना…..🎶🎶🎶


11 Nov 2016: India vs England, 1st Test, Day 3, Highlights: Visitors strike twice before stumps

Can Amit Mishra appeal to the President?



20 Oct 16 Pierce ‘James Bond’ Brosnan’s retirement planning: Pan Bahar Pan Masala!

With James Bond entering in Indian ad market with Pan Bahar, other characters are lined up for their market shares…

Tarzan – Raymond (The complete man)

Superman – Amul underwear (Bade aaram se)

Batman – Navaratna talcum powder (thandaa thandaa cool cool)

Cinderella – Nirma washing powder (doodh si safedi)

Sherlock Holmes – Langar Bidi

Popeye – Reliance Fresh

Iron man – Godrej cupboard


19 Oct 16

Karwa chouth ke liye,
chaalani sajake baithi hain meri baayaku,
Samaj mein nahi aata,
fir roj shivya deti kaayaku


30 Aug 16

Dil ko chhu lenewaali love story –

Long long ago, in a small Japanese village Naka, there lived a youngster Saki. Once he went to city and there he met Mio, a beautiful girl. He instantly fell in love with her and brought her back to Naka to marry her.

When Mio visited Naka she was disappointed with the calm atmosphere of village as she was a city girl. She refused to marry Saki.

Hearbroken Saki prayed to God for months. God appeared and asked for his wish. He said his village Naka and him should be part of most crowded places on earth. Day or night, rains or Sun shine, it should be full of people.

Amen. Saki Naka was born in Mumbai. It remained most crowded place with high traffic density 24×7.

Moral if the story: when you are stuck in Mumbai traffic, you get such stupid ideas.


25 Aug 16

Today’s quote is dedicated to Selfie lovers –

“Take a selfie”

Which means

Not having confidence in other’s photography skills in clicking your photo.


24 Aug 16

Today’s quote is dedicated to those who left one political party for other, but other party did not welcome them.

“सुबह का भूला शाम तक किसी भी घर में ना पहुंचे, तो उसे सिद्धू कहते है”

Guru, thoko taali


23 Aug 16

Today’s quote is dedicated to all the moms who would say
तेरे मासूम सवालों से परेशान हूँ मैं
ओ परेशान हूँ मैं

“Shut up Pappu “


22 Aug 16

Today’s quote is dedicated to Delhi –

“Cough…Cough… ”

It can be used in any awkward situation. The impact is more realistic if you are wearing a muffler.


21 Aug 16

Not to stereotype, but sports represented by three Olympic girls show some of the typical characteristics of different parts of India

Sakshi – Wrestling – North India’s muscular power
Dipa – Gymnastics – Eastern India’s elegance
Sindhu – Badminton – South India’s persistence


21 Aug 16

With all the coaches of Olympic medalist girls being men, there was a claim that behind every successful woman there is a man whom she listened to.

Today’s quote is for all such men –

“Behind every hard working woman at home, there is a man sitting behind on the couch and giving instructions to her. “


20 Aug 16

Today’s quote is strictly non-political –

“Modi, Modi, Modi”

Which means

Chanting someone’s name either in high appreciation (like Bhaktgan) or with deep hatred (like Kejriwal)


19 Aug 16

Today’s quote is inspired by Olympics girls-

“सिंधु साक्षी संकल्प करना”

Which means

क्रिडाक्षेत्र में देशके लिए कुछ करनेकी ठान लेना |


18 Aug 16

Jules Renard (1864-1910), a French author had predicted Pokemon game. His famous quote says –

“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.”
– Jules Renard –


17 Aug 16

कल राखी पौर्णिमा है |
तो आज राखी कौन है?


20 Jul 2016 Kabali movie release

Baayako ke bahan ko bolate hain saali.
Meri kavita pe log maarate hain taali.
Mantripad ki haus bhi puri zaali
Ab bas shukkar vaar ko baghana hain Kabali

– naan thaan kavi da…


19 Jul 2016 Guru Paurnima

He Eklavya, on the Guru Pournima day, please give me your thumb. It will curtail your mobile usage and you will prosper further in life.

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